Cash App and Woods Coffee Cards by a black Cup of cofee

Start Saving $1 Every Time You Buy Coffee

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Cash App is now offering $1 off your purchase of coffee at most coffee shops. Yes, it works at Woods Coffee and it certainly works at Starbucks.

Cash App is a payment app that allows users to make instant payments to other Cash App users. Recently, Cash App introduced a physical Cash Card, which is basically a debit card that can be managed right from Cash App on your phone. These cards are pretty slick and can be customized with your signature.

Cash App Website Page showing multiple colors and active boosts

Some restrictions apply:

  • In-store Cash Card purchases only
  • Minimum purchase of $1.50
  • Can only be used once every hour
  • Cash App balance must exceed full purchase amount
  • Boosts can change at any time

This is a Sweet Deal!

As a freelancer, coffee shops serve as my second office away from home. I find myself spending almost every other day of the week working on my projects and meeting with clients. One of the unwritten rules of all coffee shops is that you must buy something to use the space. Not always do I want something to drink, but I will always buy something.

My favorite drink is an Americano, not because it’s cheap, but I prefer black coffee with some cream rather than a fancy sweet one. An Americano is one of the cheapest drinks on the menu. But even a price of a cheap drink can add up quickly. This is why saving a $1 on every visit to the coffee shop is a great deal.

Other Current Available Boosts

  • DoorDash – 10% Off Each Order
  • Nike – 10% Off One Purchase
  • Any Grocery Store– $5 Off One Purchase
  • CVS – 5% Off Each Order
  • Airbnb – $5 Off Each Visit
  • Chick-fil-a – 10% Off Each Visit
  • Chipotle – 10% Off Each Visit
  • Cinemark – $3 Off Each Visit
Updated December 27, 2019

Please note that these boosts may change at any time. So, take advantage of these while you can!

How to Get the Cash App Card

  • Download the Cash App
  • Go to the account balance on your Cash App home screen
  • Press “Get Cash Card”
  • Press “Continue”
  • Complete the steps and your custom card will be on its way in no time


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