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31 Best Things To Do in Blaine (Updated April 2021)

Looking for things to do in Blaine, Washington? This is an article written by a local about the best things you can do to enjoy the city of Blaine.

Lots of things to do in Blaine

Blaine is a beautiful little town, located by the border of British Columbia, Canada. The “Peace Arch City” has a population of about 5,600 people of various ethnicities, religions, backgrounds and cultures. This is a place you must see if you want to get an experience of a laid-back, ocean-front, growing town. 

Blaine was known for bringing many Canadian border shoppers looking to find the nearest, cheapest, and most convenient way to order packages from Amazon. (Read more about them here). Unfortunately, the border closure during Covid has significantly decreased the number of visitors to this small town and has caused some great businesses to close their doors permanently. 

I have lived in Blaine for about five years now after I married my wife in Blaine’s beautiful Peace Arch State Park in the summer of 2016. Over the years, I have gone on many exciting adventures, ate some of the best meals, met some of the kindest people, and it was all in this small town of Blaine, Washington.  

Dear traveler, I hope you will also experience my beautiful town and enjoy all the things it has to offer. I have compiled a list below to help you get started. Stay safe and enjoy your adventures in Blaine.


1. Have a coffee at a very unique Starbucks

Blaine Starbucks – 530 Peace Portal Drive

Getting a Starbucks in Blaine last year was a big deal for the city. This Starbucks is like no other you’ve seen before. The nautical-themed building welcomes ‘sailors’ with a warm atmosphere, lots of seating, both indoors and outdoors. Visitors beware that the lighthouse is not accessible to the general public.

Watch this incredible video of the Starbucks building during the dark, snowy season last year.


4. Enjoy Blaine’s scenic views on a bike


5. Stay at the beautiful Semiahmoo Resort

8. Listen to live music at The Vault

The Vault – 277 G Street

Come listen to various local bands perform while sipping a glass of wine. The Vault has a large selection of wines to choose from. Live music every Saturday. 

The Vault also offers event space for any occasions.


9. Picnic at the Peace Arch State Park

Peace Arch State Park – 19 A Street

Make sure to grab a picnic with you to enjoy after you’ve taken in the beauty of the gardens at Peace Arch State Park. This is the perfect park for a picnic. An ocean view, beautiful gardens, green grass, and picnic tables.


10. Play a game of disc golf at Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park – 1800 H Street

Grab a frisbee and come have a great game of disc golf at this well-maintained, woodland park. This park includes an 18-hole disk golf court and trails to walk through with forest trees making the game all the more exciting!


11. Take a relaxing walk at Blaine Marine Park

Blaine Marine Park – 272 Marine Drive

What better way to take a walk than with the cool breeze touching your face, the salt air filling your nostrils, and the beautiful scenery all around you?

12. Feast on fish and chips at Alaska Wild Fish & Chip Co.

Alaska Wild Fish & Chip Co. – 525 Marine Drive

Alaska Wild Fish & Chip Co. is a food truck that offers some of the best fish and chips. Simple yet so delicious. The owners are a wonderful couple who work together to make your experience best. They are located off of Blaine Marine Park with picnic tables and a nice ocean view. Open June to September.

13. Take your little ones to Blaine Marine Park Playground

Blaine Marine Park Playground – 298 Marine Drive

This has got to be one of the coolest playgrounds your kids will ever see. Their imagination will run wild as they voyage on this massive pirate ship!


14. Cool off with an ice cream at Edaleen’s Ice Cream

Edaleen Dairy – 458 Peace Portal Drive

Everyone knows that Edaleen Dairy is the place to get the best ice cream in town. Please take caution: their serving sizes are insane!

Edaleen Dairy has six stores around the county that serves dairy products that come from their cows in Lynden.

15. Get Mexican at Paso Del Norte

Paso Del Norte – 758 Peace Portal Drive

Paso Del Norte offers great Mexican food and a bar in a lively and casual space. 

16. Eat and play billiard at the Peace Arch City Cafe

Peace Arch City Cafe – 658 Peace Portal Drive

Peace Arch City Cafe is an American food cafe and bars with a beautiful brick wall interior, bar, and billiard tables for you to enjoy a game at! Great food, great service, and lovely atmosphere. Good breakfast place to go to with the kids!

17. Grab a book or movie from the public library

Whatcom County Library System – Blaine Library – 610 3rd Street

Blaine’s Public Library is a great resource for locals and visitors. It has public computers, books, movies and even board games available for check out.

The Blaine Library is part of the Whatcom County Library System (WCLS) and is currently raising money for a new building.

19. Have breakfast at the Railway Cafe

The Railway Café – 795 Peace Portal Drive

The Railway Café is a cute, little, retro, train-themed, cafe locally owned by a family in Blaine. They serve amazing fresh pastries baked fresh every morning.

20. Try an authentic burrito from Mexican Bordertown Grill

Mexican Bordertown Grill – 538 Peace Portal Drive

Once located in a food truck and now with their very own building, this family-owned Mexican Grill offers great grab-and-go Mexican street food. The Mexican Bordertown Grill is a popular place in town for a quick lunch.

21. Grab pad thai at Chada Thai

Chada Thai – 825 Peace Portal Drive

Chada Thai is the Thai place for everyone! It’s got a beautiful ocean view and “on-point” pad thai.

22. Taste locally roasted coffee at the Barnyard Coffee Roasters

Barnyard Coffee Roasters – 4434 Boblett Street

Barnyard Coffee Roasters is run by a local family that is passionate about quality coffee and their community. Located on a farm, they roast their coffee beans in their professional-grade roaster. They educate the public by inviting them to an open house for free tastings of various coffee beans. Be sure to stop by their location to pick yourself a freshly roasted bag of coffee beans.

23. Eat steak at Jack Niemann’s Black Forest Steakhouse

Jack Niemann’s Black Forest Steakhouse – 638 Peace Portal Drive

Jack Neimann’s Black Forest Steak House is located in the heart of the city and is the place for a great fine dining experience. Their many main courses include steak and lobster. 

24. Check out Blaine’s Saturday Farmers Market

The Blaine Farmers Market – Blaine Boardwalk Amphitheater

The Blaine Farmers Market is filled with small local vendors selling art, crafts, home goods, and plants on Saturday! A fun place to walk around and meet talented people from the community! Open every Saturday, from 9am-2pm in the summer.  

25. Take the Historic Plover Ferry to Semiahmoo

Historic Plover Ferry – Visitor’s Dock-Gate 2, 235 Marine Drive

Want to visit Semiahmoo Island but don’t want to drive 17 miles? No Problem! Hop onto the 17 passenger Historic Plover Ferry and it will take you across to Semiahmoo Resort. This boat was built in 1944 and owned by the city of Blaine.


26. Find a second-hand outfit at the Wild Bird Treasure Nest

Wild Bird Treasure Nest – 674 Peace Portal Drive

Wild Bird Treasure Nest is a cleanly consignment store full of wonderful items and clothing! Your money will go to a charity for veterans and the homeless in the Blaine community. 

WhatcomTalk recently wrote an article about Wild Bird Treasure Nest and their charity. Read it here.

27. Take a stroll on the Semiahmoo Spit

Semiahmoo Spit – Blaine, WA 98230

Stroll along the beaches of the Semiahmoo Spit, with the amazing view of Drayton Harbor and Semiahmoo Bay on either side. The spit runs approximately 1.25 miles and is home to Semiahmoo Park and wildlife of all types! Be sure to check out the seasonal cannery museum if you’re there when it’s open.

28. Have a bonfire at the Semiahmoo Park

Semiahmoo Park – 9261 Semiahmoo Parkway

Semiahmoo Park is a clean and very well-maintained park for all ages. It has a number of designated fire rings to enjoy some s’mores with your friends.


29. Enjoy the beautiful garden while at Peace Arch

Peace Arch State Park – 19 A Street

Tour the magnificent gardens of the 19-acre Peace Arch State Park. Come see landscapes upon landscapes of color and meaning.

What is missing from the list? Leave a comment below.

Share the best thing that you have done in Blaine in the comment section below.

Many changes are coming to Blaine.

If you ask any long-time Blaine resident, they’ll tell you that the city hasn’t had much change in the last twenty years. I have spoken with a number of these locals who are amazed at the number of changes that have come to Blaine in just the last few years.

We owe a big thank you to the hard-working, business owners, developers, and city administrators who are committed to making Blaine a wonderful place to enjoy for locals and visitors.

14 thoughts on “31 Best Things To Do in Blaine (Updated April 2021)”

    1. Thank you Bonnie. Your kind feedback is greatly appreciated. It is my pleasure to be part of such a wonderful community.

      1. The Rustic Fork restaurant in closed.
        The Barnyard Coffee Roasters closed.
        To do should include-
        The Semi Resort & Inn
        Golf at Semi G/C or Loomis G/C
        Bird watching
        Look at new homes ready and
        Good job Serge

  1. Look at new homes,
    Pizza Factory (best pizza for miles)
    Stay at the Captian’s room at the Smugglers Inn
    Fill up on gas before going to Canada.

  2. A walk along the marina to see dozens of sail boats and yachts. And the pier is a beautiful place to explore and relax to watch people fishing and crabbing.

    1. Thomas, thank you for your input. I have definitely walked among the many boats and yachts before. It is beautiful there. I should have included this one on the list.

  3. I’m new to the area. This is a great list. I think a main thing left off the list is to take a short drive to Birch Bay. lots to do there, great food, great views… and it is still in Blaine 🙂

  4. Thank you for this insightful article! My family is planning on vacationing here and I have been trying to find kid-friendly food and fun. Nearly everything else only talked about spas and golf courses.

  5. Great list, Serge ! Here’s a couple more of my favorites for your list ….

    Enjoy great authentic Indian cuisine at Nameste (Royal Taste of India) … { 234 D St, Blaine, WA, where Big Al used to be, right before the on ramp going towards the US-Canada border.}

    Savor the sweets & treats at L&L Bakery, enjoy on site with a cup of coffee, or take out. { across the street from Edaleen’s … at 477 Peace Portal Dr STE 101, Blaine, WA }

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