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3 Reasons Every Business Needs Google My Business

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Since we have all become reliant on Google, it’s a safe bet to assume that you have probably performed a search on Google just in the last couple days. During your last Google search, do you recall clicking on any links? There are high chances that you didn’t. And here is why.

Zero Click Searches

A recent study revealed that 49% of all searches on Google resulted in zero clicks. Seems odd doesn’t it? Wouldn’t you want to click on a search result to get your pressing questions answered? After all, isn’t Google just a search engine that just pulls up links to a bunch of relevant sites? Yes. However, instead of pulling up the links to relevant sites, Google has recently started pulling up relevant information from different websites and displaying it right in the search results. This allows people to simply scan through the search results and obtain an answer to their questions without clicking once on a single click during their entire search.

Here’s an example of a featured snippet shown in a Google search result.

Google search result SE


Notice just how much information you can learn from the featured snippet without actually clicking on the source link. This is bad news for websites that depend on web traffic for revenue and sales. However, these new features can be advantageous for your business.

1. Increase Your Business Visibility

To improve user experience, Google has implemented a number of these different automated search results including answers, calculators, definitions, maps, and featured snippets. One that specifically highlights businesses is called Google My Business. This is a tool that every business, if they aren’t using it already, needs to start using it today.

Here is an example of how it displays businesses in search results:

Spoken Designs Web Agency Gogoel

Notice how almost half the page displays everything a customer may need about the specific business. There’s a direct link to the website, the address, hours, phone number. Also, it shows the Google review ratings and the number of reviews. Something that has recently been introduced are products and services.

Not only will your business appear on search results, if you have a physical address, your business will also appear on Google Maps.

2. Gain Instant Trust

A recent study conducted by Morning Consult, found that more people trust Google than they trust teachers, police officers, and the U.S. government. This means that people are more likely to do business with a company that is endorsed by Google than one that is recommended by a teacher or someone in law enforcement. How do you get endorsed by Google? Simply claim and verify your business on Google My Business, and of course, make sure to populate all the information and content appropriately.

Download our checklist to help you optimize and promote your business with Google My Business.

To gain more trust, collect as many 5-star reviews from your happiest customers as you can. In addition, customers can also leave testimonials about your products and/or services. This will increase the likelihood of a potential customer to contact you. Don’t hesitate to ask your customers for reviews; if people have received a quality product or service, they will be more than

3. Engage With Your Customers

There are a number of ways to engage with your customers with Google My Business. Here are some of them.

Create Posts

Google My Business allows you to create a post in the form of an update, event, offer, or a product. This will be visible right from the search results as people are scrolling down.

Answer Questions

There is a questions and answers section where anyone can publicly ask any questions about the business, products, or services. If you are not managing the business listing, anyone seeing the question can answer it. This is why you should be managing your listing.

Respond to Reviews

Google My Business allows businesses to respond to customer reviews publicly. This is a great tool for resolving any issues that may come up with poor reviews. Your quick action to resolve customer’s issues will ensure that you are someone who cares about your customers and their satisfaction.

It’s Free!

This is a completely free listing that is available for all businesses. No matter what business. Whether you have a location or not, you can get a business listing with Google My Business. In addition to the free listing, Google also offers a free marketing kit to help promote your business.

Have you started using Google My Business? 





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